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discover the power to control your life, giving you the confidence to go after the lifestyle you want

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experience a higher quality of life where you can receive fulfullment & abundance within the 5 areas of life

About the IM Mastery Academy

Our mission is to revolutionize the Financial Educational Industry, with IM Mastery Academy as the ultimate vehicle which will bring people self respect, dignity, and the power to change their lives, and the lives of others, around the world. Gain mastery over trading currencies, a global $5.3 trillion market open 24 hours/5 days a week that teaches you how to compound & multiply your money from anywhere.

Learning Simplified

Develop knowledge and skills to help you build wealth and freedom.

Expert Instruction

Gain access to over 120+ full time educators & mentors.

Master the Markets

Learn everything you need to know to become a successful trader.

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Why Learn With Us?


Learning Simplified

Develop knowledge and skills to help you build wealth and freedom.


Enrich Your Life

Experience a higher quality of life where you can receive fulfillment & abundance within the 5 areas of life.


Become Part of the IM Family

From live-mentoring, to regional and international events, we’re a tight-knit and passionate group of entrepreneurs, investors, and educators.


Empower Yourself

Discover the power to control your life, giving you the confidence to go after the lifestyle you want.


Earn While At Home

Make money from your own home. Experience freedom. Work when you want. Where you want.


Build Wealth

Create generational wealth in the most liquid financial market in the world where estimated trade of $5.3 trillion per day is done.

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The Complete FRX Foundation

Starting From Scratch in the IM Mastery Academy

In this course you will learn everything you need to know to start trading the FRX Market right now!

We will cover beginner and Intermediary level information to get you on the right path to becoming a successful and a consistently profitable trader. On top of all the material thought we will be giving you our personal tricks, techniques and views on the FRX market that have tremendously fast-tracked our success.

So whether you want to generate some side income by trading the FRX Market or if you want to make trading your only source of income (like many of our members), then the IM Mastery Academy is for you.


Who this course is for:
  • Beginners who want to decrease their learning curve.
  • Traders who are starting out and Intermediary level traders who are not yet consistently profitable.
  • Anyone who wants to learn the most important concepts that are needed to become successful in trading.

Levelling Up Your Skillset in FRX Trading

You will know how to analyze the currency you are trading by learning Technical Analysis and Fundamental Analysis. You will learn how to use the Economic Calendar to avoid or play fundamental events that can impact currency prices.

You will also become an expert in Chart reading. This means you will know how to spot the best Chart Patterns and Candlestick Patterns as well as use the best Technical Indicators in order to buy and sell at optimal locations.

We also cover Risk Management and Money Management techniques so you will be able to know exactly how much to buy or sell on each trade and where to place your take profits and stop losses to minimize your risk.

Going further than other trading courses we even cover Trading Psychology. Something that we at the IM Mastery Academy have noticed has a huge impact on trading performance!

The Power of goLIVE

120+ Educators

Access to all of the IM Academy professional educators who are sharing with you their styles, their strategies, and their techniques when it comes to trading. You are literally watching them trade live in the market. This means you can ask questions and advance your knowledge in real-time with some of the brightest minds in the industry.

Copy – Paste

We have all the tools in place for our educators to use their wealth of knowledge and strategy, alongside an array of digital tools to determine exact entry and exit points when trading in the market. All you need to do is copy and paste those trades into your app and you’ll be trading like the pro’s in no time.

Various Live Training Categories

From basic to advanced, crypto, different product training and strategies.

Nearly 1,000 Hours Every Month

Of live education and analysis – Only within the IM Mastery Academy

Available in 8 Major Languages

With more langauges to come.

IM Mastery Academy Course Offerings

100 Level General Courses

Learn everything you need to know to start Trading on the currency market! In this course we will tech FRX foundations and terminology. The IM Mastery Academy educators will talk in detail about currencies, charts, pips, bulls & bears, short selling, and much more.

200 Level Intermediate Courses

Take your knowledge of the FRX market to the next level! Here we will teach you in detail how to read and follow trends, supports and resistances, price actions, pullbacks, trading actions, and how to develop a trading plan suited to you

400 Level Advanced Courses

The Advanced level courses will go in depth on the variety of tools and systems at your fingertips within the IM Academy. Leverage the power of exclusive algorithms taught by master educators to receive powerful trade ideas & market analysis for the best opportunities to profit.

Pricing and Packages

We recommend starting with the Platinum Starter Pack and the Platinum Monthly Plan. From there you can take in all of the Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced training, as well as the goLIVE’s. When you decide to advance your knowledge further, you can upgrade to the Elite Monthly Plan.

Starter Packs

Starter Packs are your entry into the IM Academy. Your first 30 days are included in the Starter Pack costs. You will also need to select a Monthly Plan for your recurring membership after the initial 30 days of your Starter Pack have elapsed. If you’re looking to go all in we recommend the Elite Starter Pack to give yourself the opportunity to learn the ins-and-outs of all our offerings!

Platinum Starter Pack – $225 USD

An introductory package that includes the IM Mastery Academy, goLIVE, the exclusive Harmonics Scanner and PipTalk.


  • IML Forex and Crypto Academy’s
  • IML TV (All Sessions)
  • Harmonic Scanner
  • Swing Trades & Night Owl Sessions
  • Pip Talk (Basic)

Monthly Plans

During checkout you will select a monthly plan which will be your recurring IM Academy package that initiates 30 days after the purchase of your initial Start Pack. You can select a Platinum Monthly plan to match your Platinum Starter Pack, or an Elite Monthly plan to match your Elite Starter Pack, or a combination of Elite or Platinum Starter Packs and Monthly Plans. The choice is yours.

Optionally, if you refer two paying customers to the IM Mastery Academies, your ongoing monthly fees will be waived. Hello Free Access!

Platinum Monthly – $174.95 USD Per Month

An introductory package that includes the IM Mastery Academy, goLIVE, the exclusive Harmonics Scanner and PipTalk.


  • IML Forex and Crypto Academies
  • IML TV (All Sessions)
  • Harmonic Scanner
  • Swing Trades & Night Owl Sessions
  • PIP Talk (Basic)

Ready to Join the IM Academy?

FULL RISK DISCLOSURE: Trading contains substantial risk and is not for every investor. An investor could potentially lose all or more than the initial investment. Risk capital is money that can be lost without jeopardizing financial security or life style. Only risk capital should be used for trading and only those with sufficient risk capital should consider trading. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.